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Experimenta Sexwax Quick Humps na caixa de papelão reciclável. Esta nova embalagem é fácil de abrir e pode ser reutilizada. Agora podes manter a tua wax limpa e saberás sempre o que sobrou da tua cera usada ao guarda-la na embalagem original. Encontra o equilíbrio ideal entre a estabilidade e aderência, utilizando estas fórmulas sozinhas ou com Basecoat/Tropical.


Temperaturas disponíveis

Blue Label

78°F / 26°C


Mr. Zog's Sex Wax® is a specially formulated wax used to coat the deck of a surfboard and provide traction between the surfer's feet and the surfboard. There are four types of Mr. Zog's Sex Wax® used for surfing: original Sex Wax, Quick Humps, Really Tacky and Navel Wax (body-boarding wax). The waxes come in a assortment of aromatic fragrances and are available in a variety of formulas to accommodate different water temperatures.

Sexwax Quick Humps surfboard wax formulas are the "go to" choice for professional and experienced surfers around the world, now packaged in recyclable paperboard boxes. This new package is easy to open and can be reused to keep your leftover or partially used wax clean in its original package. Find the ideal balance between stability and stickiness by utilizing these formulas alone or as part of a Basecoat/Topcoat combination.


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