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Sicomin Surf Clear EVO epoxy system is:
- specially formulated for the manufacturing of surf boards.
- suitable for hand lay up of glass, carbon, aramid, natural and synthetic fibers.
- compatible with all commercial foams: polystyrene, polyurethane, cross-linked & linear PVC foams and others.
- compatible with all typical fillers used in the surf Industry.

High mechanical performance epoxy system recommended for surfboard production.
Yields surfboards with a flexible touch, high temperature and UV stability.
High surface and' plug finishing, for high gloss requirement.
Other applications: surf repairs, fin boxes & plugs, pattern and model coating, etc...
Low odor and reduced skin aggression for a better work environment.

Advices for application:
Work in a clean environment with heating facility.
Ideal working temperature from 18 °C to 30 °C.
Maintain a constant temperature during lamination.
Avoid high ambient humidity.
Avoid exposure to U.V. during the cure. Laminates and coatings benefitting from a sun free post cure or polymerized for at least 7 days at 18°C will obtain greater U.V. resistance and mechanical properties
Do not dilute with solvents. Please consult our technical assistance.
The use of compatible pigments is possible.
Keep packaging well-sealed as hardeners are sensitive to carbonic gas and humidity.
A polyurethane or other top coat paint can (for best UV protection) be applied, without primer, after sanding the final
layer of Surf Clear EVO.

Racio: 100/39


KIT - 719gr Resina + 281gr endurecedor

*SICOMIN Is heavily involved in green chemistry. When technology and availability of raw materials allows, we choose
raw materials from biomass sourcing. Surf Clear EVO epoxy resin is manufactured with a green carbon content of 40 %.
*Hardeners react with carbon dioxide and moisture. Need to be kept in its original closed container. Avoid to a maximum any contact with air. If the aspect becomes cloudy, do not use.


* The picture showed in this product is illustrative.

Resina Sicomin Surf Clear EVO (kg)

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