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Paddling has never been so good


Paddling has never been so good! Featuring our brand new Flex Skin technology, the Equation 4/3 Flex Skin Front Zip is an ultra-stretch, heavy-duty wetsuit for chilly water! Equation wetsuits are made with the latest Eicoprene technology, a non-petroleum based synthetic foam derived from a mix of oyster shell powder, limestone and recycled tires. To laminate the recycled polyester lining we use Aqua-A™, a solvent-free water-based glue with no harmful chemicals. The Equation 4/3 Front Zip version is designed for sessions in chilly water (52°F-63 °F). The WPF lining (Warmth Performance), our warmest lining available, makes this wetsuit stand out. The 3D-Knit construction and the WPF lining provide warmth by trapping air between each loop. The denser fabric offers extra comfort. Its front zip and watertight seals minimize water entry. Comfort zones protect your ribs when paddling. It also features glued, blind-stitched, fully-taped seams (GBS) for protection, stretch, and water resistance.



Fato Surf PICTURE Equation W FLEXSKIN 4/3FZ

300,00 €Preço
Cor: Dark Blue
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