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Want to change your wetsuit quickly without making it dirty? Then you need BUX!


BUX, the Wetsuit Changing Bucket is better and more practical than any changing mat or wetbag! It is specifically designed to allow the user more internal standing room to change their wetsuit in a cleaner space.


You can use the removable pad with drain holes as an external changing mat to stand on and keep your wetsuit up out of the wet puddle as your gear drip dries.


There is a long internal pocket for your XRail and an external pocket for accessories to be stored.


BUX is watertight! Use it to rinse your gear to keep it clean and fresh or under your XRail to catch all the drips while drying your wetsuit, keeping your floor dry.


Why You NEED the Wetsuit Changing Bucket

  • No mess anymore! Clean wetgear inside, dry floors outside
  • Removable pad with drain holes to use as an external wetsuit changing mat
  • 2 hand straps and 2 shoulder straps to free up your hands
  • A capacity of 70L makes BUX the largest wetsuit change bag on the market

BUX – Wetsuit Change Bucket

49,90 €Preço
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