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The Equation Hood 3mm is the perfect eco-friendly surf hood to keep you warm during cold-water sessions. We make it with the latest Eicoprene technology, a non-petroleum based synthetic foam derived from a mix of oyster shell powder, limestone and recycled tires. To laminate the recycled polyester lining we use Aqua-A™, a solvent-free water-based glue with no harmful chemicals. While the hood has an adjustable face opening with elastic cord, it also features glued, blind-stitched, fully-taped seams (GBS) to provide stretch in the water, and always minimal drying time between two sessions.



78% Naturalprene - Eicoprene 11% Recycled Polyester 9% Recycled Polyamid 2% Elastane / Spandex


55,00 €Precio
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