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​"Fish" surfboards became popular in the 70s when the world of surfing moved from the conventional "Single Fin" to the world of multi fins. "Fish" boards these days can have 2, 3 or 4 fins. The Lightning Bolt Quad Fish comes with a Quad fin configuration for more versatility.

What makes this Quad Fish so fun and unique is the combination of several highly beneficial elements. Compacted volume on a short board, wide tail for stability like a squash and the rail-to-rail control of a pintail.

More volume than normal on a small board translates into more buoyancy, easier wave riding and the ability to make tighter turns in the pocket.

The Quad Fish is also highly capable of catching small waves easily because of its width. The flat surface allows you to keep the board more afloat. A wide tail also provides greater drive, which is very important when the waves are small.

Because of this unique combination, the Quad Fish is an amazing surfboard for those looking to transition from a longboard to a shorter board.




Blank – High quality PU (Polyurethane) block.


Glass Layup – Standard lamination with 6oz+4oz. deck and 4oz. bottom.


Resin – High quality Polyester Resin.



5'6 x 21 3/4" x 2 5/8 - 35.4L
5'8 x 22" x 2 3/4" - 38.8L
5'10 x 22 1/4" x 2 7/8" - 42.4L

** All Lightning Bolt boards can be customized, from colors, design, pinlines, dedication, etc.

QUAD FISH by Spottt




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