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Condition: New


Measurement: 6’4 x 19 1/4” x 2 9/16” - 30.5L



The Pin is a design that aims to give a wave feel completely opposite to the sawed-off nose and tail designs that have become popular in recent years. These designs are about minimizing weight swing and quick response, while The Pin is about maximizing line surfing on the face of the wave, which then leads to the drive, flow and maneuverability that comes from placing the fins further forward of the wave. usual, responsive rocker and concaves.

The Pin's rocker template and fins placed further forward allow the surfer to surf a few centimeters further forward than normal. This means that bottom turns and carves into the wave wall can always be executed with the same foot positioning on the board.

The deep double concave guarantees a lot of grip, while the V-shaped bottom, in which the concaves are placed, adds flow to a shape that is already directed towards carves in smooth lines. Obviously, this is an excellent board for point breaks, especially those with tubular waves like Jeffries Bay.

Webber The Pin 6’4

€640.00 Regular Price
€448.00Sale Price


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