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​Known as “Mr. Pipeline”, the pirate who discovered a new frontier in Banzai Pipeline, and co-founder of Lightning Bolt Surfboards, created this masterpiece as a benchmark of the transition to short boards. Lopez features some of the first down rail rocker elements seen on performance guns to this day.


“These boards represented the state of the art when, in the 70s, Jack Shipley and I started Lightning Bolt Unlimited, Surf Co. Inc. Pintail shapes were developed specifically for surfing the Pipeline barrel (which had not yet been done very successfully). The polished finish and colors of the boards had a huge impact around the world, especially among surfers visiting Hawaii.”



7'6 x 19" x 3"

** All Lightning Bolt boards can be customized, from colors, design, pinlines, dedication, etc.

PIPELINER by Gerry Lopez

4.600,00 €Price



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