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SurfEars, are revolutionary earplugs with a much superior performance compared to other earplugs, SurfEars allow you to protect your ear, without affecting your hearing, even when you are in water, preventing water from getting trapped in the ear canal. heard. They come with several pieces in different sizes that allow you to customize them to your ears to find a comfortable and secure fit.

Each box contains:

- 1 pair of medium Surfears with an adjustable cord;

- 6 tampons (2 Large/ 2 Medium/ 2 Small)

- 2 small size supports

- 1 amazing case to keep Surfears safe


It is important to display the product in a pleasant way, but not at the cost of the environment. The best way to reduce packaging waste is to minimize the packaging itself. Therefore, Surfears uses the case as part of the packaging.

The 3.0 is presented in elegant yet minimal paper packaging made from partially recycled material and is fully recyclable. The ink used is vegetable-based for minimal environmental impact. Instructions are printed on the back for quick access and minimal material usage.


Earplugs Surfers 3.0

SKU: 0758576970318
59,90 €Price
Color: White&Red



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