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The Otis Series pads or grips will add a unique style to your board. The diamond grooves are high profile and well spaced, allowing your foot to fit into the gaps and stay locked in. The larger, square-shaped copper arch bar is designed to firmly lock your foot between the arch and kick for more aggressive turns.


Ultra-lightweight low profile sanded EVA grip for extra feel.



  • 1 piece
  • 2mm thick low profile grip.
  • 30 x 29 cm.
  • With 22 mm kick tail,
  • With 5mm central arch or arch bar.
  • AZTEC Pad Grooves


Allows for foot pressure at any angle. High profile, well spaced diamond shaped grooves allow your foot to fit into the grooves locking it in place.

Sanded EVA for extra grip.

Adhesive surfboard grip.

Ultra lightweight.

Sticks to the back of the board, where the rearmost foot rests.

Anti-slip. Prevents the board surface from slipping and also serves as a reference.

Signature 1 piece pad by Otis Carey. Multi-directional groove to lock your feet into position.

Ultra-resistant glue.





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